SnapCalc - Math Problem Solver App Reviews

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Limited use!!!

I loved it the first 2 problems it solved but after that it kept trying to make me buy the premium version and I’m not allowed to do that. So I DO NOT recommend this unless you buy premium. ☹️☹️☹️

They just want your money

I got one problem solved and it told me I had to pay for premium to get more

Will not work

App will not find the problems and I scanned them several times. Misleading app.

A lot of ads but EXCELLENT app

What you expect

Not good

It makes you pay to use it, once you use a certain amount of snaps it will not solve it unless you get premium. Therefor making you pay to actually use the calculator, unless you only need it for 1 or 2 problems.

Worst app

I give this a zero don’t get

No word problems



This app clearly recognizes the math problem I scanned, however on multiple different equations the error message “can not solve this equation” appeared. Very frustrating, making this app completely useless!!! So glad I chose NOT to pay for the premium usage. If an app can’t prove itself, I’m certainly not paying for it!!


This is a good app


This app is ridiculous!! You can only try out a few problems, they you have to pay!! Do not get this app!! I highly recommend Photomath! It is really good!

Works great!!

I first started using it and I thought it would just do easy math problems but after a while I started using for more advanced problems and it actually works great. It will do ANYTHING!!! I love it!


I'm a 14 year old with a teacher who doesn't teach so I need someway to learn what she doesn't teach us. This isn't the way to go, after a few equations, it forces you to pay 3 dollars a month for membership just to answer another question, why should I pay for an app just to answer a2+b2=c2.

Not cool

You need premium


This is the best but the only thing is that you could only get a certain amount of answers then u would need to buy a subscription.


It’s good so far


You have to pay $45 a month just to be able to see the work. Plus it doesn’t even recognize each problem!! You take a picture of a problem and it says not recognized!!!🙄


Best app ever thank u so much I’m learning a lot


Plz don't add prizes

horrible app do not waste money

horrible do not waste money on this app. it cannot solve 90% of the problem i put into it


It didn’t work at all


I tried using it to do my homework and it would only do 1 problem


Good app, it works well. And is free

The best

This is the best because all I have to do is take a picture of my math problem and it will solve it. Also it shows me the steps it did to solve it. It helped me a lot.


This is trash

This helps me so much

With this app when I’m in a hard spot it helps me get out of it

Wrong answer

Constantly gives wrong answers and steps to get to answer does not apply to question

Can’t solve anything over a simple math equation

Within the first couple minutes of trying this app I discovered that it couldn’t help with college algebraic math. It seems like the only thing this app can help you with is equations like 2+2

Why you should get ride of the Premium

I understand your trying to make money and all, but a lot of your app users are really annoyed at how you need to buy Premium to keep using the app. Instead you should just add extra benefits and let your app users use your app.


guess whos not failing math now

Snap calc review

That need to make it be able to do word problems

Not a good app

This not a good app it’s not functioning well

snap calculator

it was ok because you have to pay to see how you solve it and it really doesn’t give you the answer or help and it doesn’t solve for what you’re looking for


It gave me the wrong answer

ReLly confusing

I used it twice on only 2 questions 2amd it kept popping the stupid premium bull crap I don’t want to pay u dingussess if the app is FREE then I should have to PAY for and stupid PREMIUM thing just to solve a problem which I could just ask my teacher 1 star


This app is bad every time I took a photo of a problem it’s said unable to solve problem

Thank you

This is really helpful and thank you for that

I am satisfied

This app is so amazing like it helps me with my homework and it shows me the steps so it doesn’t look like I’m cheating I loveee SnapCalc so much I recommend it :)


Need to unsubscribe. Hardest thing ever to unsubscribe from. It will charge you.


Wow. Just wow, I can’t believe it this app is a life saver!




Im not the brightest when it comes to the subject of algebra or math in general. I tried a couple of applications and this is not one that I would recommend, it’s simply a waste of time. Though it does follow through with the claim that it solves math equations and explains the procedures of them. Some features that i would add is take away the premium version because it is simply a waste of money to show you how to solve a math equation. Also another feature is the auto solve and steps. By that I mean not having to click a button to solve the problem because yes I do what to solve not just look at the problem again. It’s takes a couple of seconds to get the answer as well. I would rather much use photo math because it does the same but better and no need to pay to solve a couple of math problems.

Don’t want to upgrade

I want to be able to use this app with out have to pay for a month or more subscription.

Review for app

This app is amazing. I was on instagram and i saw this pop up and i’m like lets try it so I downloaded it. This is amazing you can write an equation and it will calculate it or something. And if you don't get what it calculated it will show u 3 slides of steps. I think this is very helpful for everyone. 😊.


It wont let me get out of the one monthly plan thing this is a piece of crap


I don’t really like it it just solves the calculation, but it doesn’t help with word problems.


I love this app I totally recommend getting it!!!!!!❤️❤️

Fake hate it

It is just a fake it only does stuff like 2 times 2

Not what I was looking for!

Thought this might be an improved calculator. Nope, definitely NOT what I was looking for.


I like it a lot but you have too pay

Does this app work better than photomath

I would like to know if this app works better than photomath? Photomath gives wired work to question on algebra so I was wondering if this gives better work

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