SnapCalc - Math Problem Solver App Reviews

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There should not be an upgrade that’s 5 dollars on a mathematical game.

This is just terrible and doesn’t help at all

At first I saw this and I said wow this is amazing and after two or so problems my children came to me saying mom it won’t let me unless I get the premium one and I said ok let’s get the premium one and then my child once agin after they charged us it still would work so I recommend photo math photo math is amazing and to all the other parents just don’t waste your money or time on this

It’s amazing!! Try it!

Oh my god!! I have been trying to find an app like this and this was the best one I could find!! Well.. I actually found this on an ad on Snapchat. But I really love this app, y’all need to stop hating and appreciate this app ASAP. Use this app for anything (Homework wise)

This is the best

This app really gives u the correct answers with no issue


This app is very useful because it lets me get the job done easy🤪🤪


It’s blurry to take a picture

It won’t restore my purchases



This calculator app helps me a lot since I lost my other calculator I could not spend other money for another calculator.

its dumb

like why make the app u can just use siri like bruh


I tried to take a picture of my math problem and it said i needed premium, if you want to make it premium might as well make the app cost


I love this app it really makes things easier

Not free

Not free

I love it

I love it I finally got something to help me with my math


Fun and helps learn the steps of a problem

It amazing 😀

I love it it easy and 😎

Not able to solve varios types of problems

Not adequate


I thought it was fake but it actually worked. But it doesn't solve word problems. Other then that it is a 5 star app. Totally recomend.


It’s a great app. I hope to see other apps from this company with other school subjects!


It recognizes my handwriting and it’s super handy when you need a homework helper!


It’s Amazing

Good app

I like it but you guys should add it so it can recognize graphs


I’m 10 and just want help with homework because my parents are so busy and I shouldn’t have to pay

It’s super helpful!

This app is amazing! It will read different types of handwriting. It’s useful for homework and other things that need to be answered. I rate this 5 stars because this app is amazing!👌👍


Beyond horrible

Awesome for school when it is hard


This is the app

This is the app to use if you want something that works. It gives you the answer with the steps.


The worse app

best app ever

this app is simple easy and even shows work! i really recommend this app to everyone and it’s very cheap


It’s so confusing! It let me solve two algebra problems then it stopped. I went to the one it worked on to see what was going on and it still kept going to the same thing.

Less time

I’m not a fan of math and stuff, but I only don’t like when you don’t hade enough answers, like it’s pretty hard and it gives you more time to spend time on homework, but the more time we spend, the less time we have to sleep... so maybe change that?!

Made my account go negative

You guys charged me 2 times and I already unsubscribed way before the renew period and my account went negative because of you guys didn’t seem so care about me not wanting to use the app anymore can you plz stop charging my credit card I do not have any subscriptions with this app any more but you still proceed to charge me for it Yes you guys did charge me I can show u my bank statement and I been unsubscribed way before the trial end date and do not tell me to contact apple directly because that is one of the first things I’ve done and they promised me to refund me the amount you guys charged me which I never got but it’s ok I just know now not to trust certain apps


Doesn’t even get the question right and then the answered not correct I’m deleting and that’s that it is a horrible waste

Bad app 0 Stars if I could

Very bad app, has pop ups asking you to get the premium version when you can just get Photomath for free.


Very bad


I bought the app to help me with calculus and it can’t even solve the problems. Every time I take a picture it says it recognizes the problem, then when I hit solve, it says it can’t solve the problem. Don’t buy this app. You also can’t cancel the subscription, its a scam.


Every question asked I got “question not recognized”!

Love it

It’s so amazing

Good but...

It’s a great app for lazy potatoes like meh but what I don’t like is that u have to get premium for u to get unlimited solutions...


I want a refund, I can’t get any answers sheesh


How do I get it to stop charging me I deleted the app not worth the price.

Says salves cal

The description is nothing like the app. Doent even salve calc 1


More than half the time it “failed to solve the problem”.

Limited uses?

It was going so well until I got to the third problem. Instead of solving, it brought up an ad for premium, leaving me at only two solutions


It doesn’t work for me it doesn’t work for any math problem so if your working with word problems or geometry do not down load it


Did not answer one single math problem correctly


fails to clearly identify the problem I am trying to solve.


Worthless without a subscription. Really?? A monthly subscription for something like this? That is crazy. I’d pay $5 once to have this and that’s it.

Stupid app

I canceled my review.


Don’t buy this app. Downloaded it to try the free trial, and it automatically charged a 1 year subscription of 24 dollars on to my card with out asking me. Also, mathway is a way better app for calculus and algebra, SnapCalc doesnt accept many forms of my homework🙁


This is a terrible app. It only let me take one photo and get the answer before it asked me to purchase the premium package. It didn’t let me try another problem.

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