SnapCalc - Math Problem Solver App Reviews

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Helps me cheat on my tests and home work


It does not even solve the problems


I have been experiencing the same problems as other users. Every time I pressed solve that premium add kept popping up and it is super annoying.


I would like to solve my math problems without all of a sudden have to start a trial which is unnecessary!.

Trash 🗑

I got this app because In the description it clearly says it can solve calculus problems but as soon as I put the camera over my homework it was saying it couldnt find the a problem. I want my money back. I had high hopes for this.

Great app

It works really good


Best calculator app ever


Its really helpful for me to check my answers and to see if my calculations are correct. This app helped me and my brother so much that our grades improved a lot. Those who don’t have this app, I recommend that they try this.

3 day trial

didn’t realize i was signing up for a 30 dollar year subscription thought it was a free 3 day trial like i thought please have it be more clear before you charge people’s cards. maybe a refund?

All for money

This is way to expensive to use especially if I just need a little help on 1 home work assignment, it forces you to pay around 5$ a month. Stupid app!!!!

It’s ok

It’s ok the one thing I don’t like about this app is that it really doesn’t go in to the problem and it only give you two time to use it before you have to pay to use it.

best math app out there

like it actually work tho


When ever I tried to answer the question the premium thing always pops up and please don’t say for me to email you!!!!

no words exist for how terrible this is

Have to pay so much

It’s bad

$30.00 a year for a math app!!??

very disappointed

this app is a fake. i installed it to help me with my math and it doesnt work. it over complicated the questions and it only works for equations. very disappointed 😔

Not worth it

I downloaded this app to check if my answers were correct and bought premium as well and it isn’t worth it. The app has many bugs and the explanations are all over the place. I’d like my money back.

Want my money back

I got the 1 year subscription. But I never used it. I just want my $30 back.

Not good if you don’t subscribe.

I thought it would help with problems but you get limited problems.

Horrible app

Gave me the wrong answer every single time

It is not worth it

It is a good app but after 3 math questions it just says now you have to pay for math answers and it does not show how to do the math problem it just tells you the answer!

Such a waste

It’s good If you want to solve ONE FREAKING PROBLEM,but when you need to solve more problems it’s a waste of time!!!

Bad Math Helper

This is the worst app in the world it keeps saying it could not read my question it so annoying defiantly 0/10

Great app!

This right here, people, is an amazing app! Worth paying $24 a year for it.


I thought it would! Bit it can’t solve my math problems! And I bought the thing and I thought it would work better! THIS APP GETS NO STARS FOR ME


This app charges you just to use it, lets you get like 3 problems for free then each time you try to use the app it prompts you to pay and won’t solve it for you


App does not work! I want to completely uninstall and unsubscribe, since this app did not solve a single problem.


awesome app!!!!!!w"Worth it!!!!!!!!!

Ok 4!basic

Not greatest


You must write the equation HORIZONTALLY or else it doesn’t work


Why it only give 2 free snap.I can’t buy the free trail cause I’m a kiddd.

Why you should make not people to pay

Cause you need to get more people to rate good🤨

had to pay

Self explanatory :(


Needs a lot of improvement!!!

This thing sticks

I can’t believe this app it is so bad because when you use it,it’ll give you and three seconds trailer the. You must pay for it


You have to buy

I hate it

I hate it a lot


It doesn’t even work. Like every question I put it says it doesn’t know how to solve and their simple questions

Check this out 💯

This app is perfect for understanding work and with many explanations. This helped me study for my big math test 😋

Worst app ever

If i could give it 0 stars i would. You have to pay just to get help with homework its rediculous

Don’t like

I don’t like it why do you have to pay for a calculator


You only get 4 time for free and then you have to pay every time I’m out of money



For Algebra 1

This app is really helpful for my new algebra class, I can do my homework and just use this to check my answers and have help with any problem I’m unsure of.


It’s GREAT but then you have to pay eventually and not get the help you need and so that’s not great especially for a app that HELPS you

Not helpful

I tried this app out for my daughter she was having trouble with some long division and it always had some weird answer like infinity or something and always has a answer for something else

And Wrong!

If you plan on using this app and hope to get the correct answer and help, you will be guaranteed to end up with the wrong answer! Please double check your answer with a ole back up Texas instrument calculator!

Get Photomath

I don’t know why this app would make it cost money, when they have a competitor that does the exact same thing but is free, I don’t want your 3 day trial, and I don’t want to pay 5$ a month, I know u think u might be, but u are no better then Photomath, and are education shouldn’t revolve around your investments off an app that’s suppose to help people, that’s like me calling the cops and they tell me they will only help me if I pay them 50$, just make it free.


I deleted this app 2 months ago and I come back to see it’s still charging me. One star

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