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Stupid app

It is taking my money and I didn’t do anything.


Don’t buy this app. Downloaded it to try the free trial, and it automatically charged a 1 year subscription of 24 dollars on to my card with out asking me. Also, mathway is a way better app for calculus and algebra, SnapCalc doesnt accept many forms of my homework🙁


This is a terrible app. It only let me take one photo and get the answer before it asked me to purchase the premium package. It didn’t let me try another problem.

Its a waste..cannot recognize any problems I take a picture of!!

Will be ending my subscription after 2 doesn’t recognize my math problems, even though the app tells you “problem found “ only to not be recognized after paying!! Its a joke.


This is the best app ever thanks.

Don’t bother it’s not free

Yay I got to do two problems with it before it started in with the buy out full app. Seriously a waste of time


I really wasn’t sure what I could do without a subscription, and being broke that wasn’t great. It was working, but after a few problems it stopped working without a subscription. It’s a great app if you want to spend the money on a subscription but if not, do not get it.

Snap-calc app



Not to good....after you do around 3 problems you need to buy Premium to do is also very slow and I would not recommend this.

Not worth it

Took two pics of quadratic equation it would not process it. It would simply click back to take picture


I like this app to a certain extinct it seems like you have to pay for it after you try to solve 3 problems that’s not good at all !

Its sent straight from heaven !

Broooo !!! Im tryna tell yalll, its way faster than and you can see the steps ( in different forms ) with out having to PAY !!!! its quick and definitely gets the job done and will have u lookin like a mathematician even know most of us will use this to cheattt .. MHHM but ya , make sure u actually try to learn it cause its good for that also and 9/10 you will not be able to have ur phone during a test . Ookkurr ! 😭


Camera needs to be bigger 👍🏾




I’m doing algebra right now and this app is the BEST app I have used as a calculator so far. It shows you step by step so you can learn it and for those teacher that want the “show your work” symbol. This app is AMAZING.


Okay, I’m sorry for being so negative, but this ABSOLUTELY SUCKED!!! It said that two to the eighth power was 13!!!!!!!! What the hell?! And don’t even get me started on the stupid trials!!! This is just a pathetic attempt to make money!!! If I could rate any lower I would!!!


What’s the point of downloading it for free using it for about 3 problems then it asks you to pay 🤦🏻‍♂️

Simple math does not work

Don’t work. I tried a simple addition using dollars and cents four (4) times. 1. The first try didn’t read the decimals and gave wrong solution to problem. 2. The second attempt didn’t read all values. 3. The third and fourth attempts said that I had to pay four upgrade. I tried a few other times with same result. I’d say you have a lot of bugs to figure out, it look to me like you rushed product out too soon.


I haven’t even done a math question yet, but the apps’ setup is amazing! Can’t wait to get my math on with SnapCalc!

Not the best

This app failed to show my steps and failed to solve many simple questions. I do not recommend to anyone who just wants an answer quickly.

Wants me to pay money

If you don’t pay the money to get the premium app, then this one is completely useless. If you try to solve an answer it will not solve it until you pay them. I am deeply disappointed and I expected better of them. I guess the app turns on so it gets one star. The rest I could make into an app because it does absolutely nothing.

Had to pay

I downloaded the app and tried free trial and after I deleted the app I put in iTunes money and it took my money after free trial




How do i cancel my subscription!!



It’s dumb

The calculator works but you can only use it a couple of times. I’m just going to delete it then


Works great!


I like but don’t like it some of them work but the others don’t and that’s what I hate about it maybe u guys can change and I’ll tell everyone in my class about this app and maybe it can be 7 stars maybe!?

Great App

This app is huge help when it comes to solving math problems. I love math and I'm good at it, but when there is a problem I don’t understand, this app is my go to app.


I just got this app and I had a feeling it’s legitimate! So I tested it out by solving a math problem and then I took a photo of the equation on this app. When it gave me the answer that I got I was so happy! I was so glad! But wait, now I’m not, they limit the amount of problems you can ask you you have to pay money so they can answer your problems that you have. Also, too many ads!

Useless without premium

Unless you want to pay 4.99 a month then dont get the app

Deserves NO STARS

When I was trying to check a problem and the add for snapcalc premium kept popping up every time I tried to solve the problem. The calculator does not have the right solution that I need. This is very frustrating. This app is a complete waste of time. This app can’t even read the problem. I purchased the snapcalc premium and I doesn’t help or fix any thing!!!!!!!!!! Everyone who is having a hard time with this app for fractions, multiplying, adding, subtracting, dividing, or putting numbers in to lowest terms I recommend the app Fraction Calculator Plus. That app is AMAZINGLY AWESOME!!!!! This app is horrible


Easier to do the math itself


So If i need help with more problems I have to pay just to see the steps? How does that help?!


The app doesn’t help much at all and doesn’t understand most of the problems in any type of math


Amazing simply just amazing

Rip off!!

Doesn’t even show you how to solve the problems

Math practice

I don’t know how to write my own math problems I don’t wanna take pic it is stupid

Questions wrong

I checked my homework and most of the answer were way different than the other apps I use to double check. I bring it to school and I get all of MY answers right. (I was doing positive and negative)


Y’all need to have word problems but other then that I give u guys 1 star 🤦🏾‍♀️😐😒

This app does not work

It does not allow you to do word problems and also it does not give me the correct answer

وسام العوادي العراقي

ممتع هذا التطبيق

Why did I download it

Every time I took a picture of an equation it said it recognized the equation but would later say it was not able to solve the equation. Why should I pay for the Premium package if it won’t even do what it claims to do?

Free forever

It was amazing to use this app but it will be fabulous if it works for free forever i hope that you will do what i wish ❤️❤️

Do not use for high school math

Algebra 1 it could work. But anything for geometry or higher, will not work.


I payed and it keeps telling “ failed to solve math problem” 👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽


It works for a few minutes, then it requires you to buy the premium to continue. Horrible 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

Can’t solve trig identities

Didn’t help at all with the problem I needed help with




I LOVE THIS APP!!!! It helps me with my homework and tests

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